You can avoid many health problems by eating healthy food. Healthy food is food that is high in vitamins, minerals and fiber. And if you add a supplement to your diet, you have added nourishment in your body that replenishes the body on a daily basis.

Fresh fruits and vegetables top the list of healthy food as they are great sources of vitamins that promote your well being. Fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C are a must for your diet as they are natural protectors against communicable diseases like colds and viruses. You can find vitamin C in abundance in oranges and apples. Eating the fruit is better than its juice.
Healthy Food

Fruits and vegetables are also the best sources for water which is essential for mankind. The natural water found here digest better than other liquids and bottled water. You can also maintain a proper pH value in the body by eating water bearing fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. This is because the body needs a good flow of food through the digestive tract at all times.
Eating healthy food also prevents diseases like hardening of the arteries and discomforts in the abdominal system. Vitamin A is found in salmon meat and is important for better blood flow in the body. Whole wheat bread is one of the many healthy foods available today. This bread provides you with vitamins B-6 and B-12 which aids in your digestion process by providing you with good fiber. Avoid white foods, refined foods and overly processed food as it only adds pounds to your body. These foods tend to reduce the ability of the body in absorbing nutrients.
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Switching from sugar to honey as a sweetener is a great health tip as this is healthy food that is absorbed by the digestive  system without any complicated breakdown of food. With honey in your diet, your body need not work that hard to absorb what it needs from food. In fact, with honey in your diet, you get more of what you need and less of what you don’t need in the body. However diabetics should consult with the doctor before switching to honey as it is still a form of sugar.