When it comes to health or life insurance plan, each and every plan will not fit your requirement. You will have to think about income protection while deciding your personal health or life insurance plan.
 If you are planning to select a group insurance plan that is provided by your employer, then you will have to except the deductions and the coverage offered by them. health insurance
On the other hand, with the help of personal insurance plan you will be able to select the coverage and premium that fulfills your requirement. You can also avail a personal insurance plan, according to your budget.
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Most of the personal insurance plans are will require high amount of premiums as you are not sharing the price with other employees. You will come across lot of companies that are offering personal insurance plans. If you are planning to have a personal insurance with a better rate then you can contact your auto or house insurance company as they might offer you a discount. If you have any addictions such as smoking or chewing tobacco then you should try and quit the habits as it can improve your health. Try to set a premium that you can afford.